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Magic Mystery is incredible iPhone/iPad app featuring tricks, mind games and illusions that will take you to next level of amazement. Our main tricks involve Card Trick, Number Trick, Who will win, illusion, Simple 5 and What’s your age. These short games are popular among all age group people with extent of higher enthusiasm. There are simple directions in these games with which anyone can learn these tricks too.

Our App uses all the modern trickeries of cards and number that creates magic for its users with superb results. These little thinking unlocks all type of magic tricks in the world. Learn all these tricks, illusions and magic with Magic Mystery. This app is designed & developed for both iPhone and iPad users with compatibility requirements of iOS 8.0 or later. Download it now for lifetime fun enjoyment!



Get to know more about our Mystery app in these high definition images. These images will give you insight about tricks, magic, illusions and games that are available in our iPhone/iPad mobile app. Every image depicts the many stages of the tricks that amaze its user with incredible results who have given us astonishing reviews!


Enjoy our app videos with complete info on all the magic tricks, illusions and card games!

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